Be a wholesome ghost matchmaker!

Grow relationships between the mansion's residents! Gift items to brighten their lives, set them up on dates, and watch their love bloom!

What romances will you create?
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About the Team

Profile picture of Jennifer


Jennifer is the founder of Janbeh Games. Previously, she worked as a software engineer in the gaming industry. She finally took the leap to work on her own indie game and has been loving every minute of it! She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She loves cute and cozy things and is excited to share her game with you!
Profile picture of Bing


Bing is an art director based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has previous experience in various art roles in the gaming industry.

Bing loves all things fluffy and cute (has 2 cats!) and is excited to bring characters and worlds to life to delight all players!
Profile picture of Samantha


Samantha is a New Zealand-born Australian composer based in the United States. Her love for games led her into the game industry and loves working on cute, wholesome games such as Love, Ghostie! She also works in the music department for various films, TV shows, and video games such as Star Wars IX, Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4.

Sam also has two pet birds called Indy and Io (aka quality assurance) who listen to her music and approve it before it reaches the client.